A Snapshot Of Tesla’s ‘S3XY’ Models (NASDAQ:TSLA)

It’s been said that Elon Musk sells his cars with a splash of Freud. He keeps things sexy — or S3XY, because he failed to win the “Model E” trademark from Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) and resorted to using “3” instead.

That S.3.X.Y. lineup is almost complete with the upcoming rollout of Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA)’s Model Y. To celebrate the alluring collection, here’s the latest on each of of the models. 


Model S, which recently saw a price cut, represents 37 percent of large luxury car sales in the U.S., according to CleanTechnica. Estimates suggest significant month-to-month sales fluctuation since its June 2012 debut, amounting to a recent annual decline.


Model 3s are in transition with a recent rollout in Europe and release of a $35,000 base model. By Bloomberg’s estimates, management now manufactures about 6,147 Model 3s per week to support a lifetime production of 235,368. That rate represents slow and frequently delayed progress since the model launched in July 2017.


Model X sales kicked the year off stronger than ever, and most of 2018 recorded month-over-month growth, according to aggregated estimates. Tesla’s luxury sedan doesn’t get much of the company spotlight, but experts call it — in conjunction with the Model S — the backbone of operations. It hit the market in September 2015 after over a year of delays.


Model Y — which Canaccord Genuity considers a “more economical and presumably higher-volume version” of the Model X — was unveiled last month and is expected to cannibalize Model 3 sales, according to Morgan Stanley. Deliveries will begin in fall 2020 at a price range between $47,000 and $60,000.

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Original publication: 2019.

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