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Biocept (BIOC), Inc. is an oncology laboratory services company focused on the development and commercialization of new laboratory products for the detection of rare cells such as circulating tumor cells. Develops and markets proprietary circulating tumor cell and circulating tumor DNA tests using a blood sample. The company uses cell extraction and enrichment technology for the detection and analysis of circulating tumor DNA evidence. It also offers services to other laboratory testing providers, academic institutions, research organizations, biopharmaceutical companies, and support for clinical trials and specific oncogenic disorders.

Biocept was founded on May 12, 1997 and is based in San Diego, CA.

– Market capitalization 58.89 million.

– Shares outstanding: 14.72 million

– 13 million in debt

– Share price $ 4

Last year it lost 16 million, this semester it has entered into benefits and much more is expected with its contracts already signed and that it has been marketed since July 4 with Medicare, which is the US social security. half of its cash capitalization. It is marketing covid tests to some institutions in the US. I leave you the latest results:

Financial Report Q12021:

Financial Report Q2 2021:

Financial report Q3:


• Announced a positive coverage decision from Medicare and a high-value reimbursement of $ 2,435 for the Target Selector breast cancer assay to detect the circulating tumor cell (CTC) biomarker HER2 in a liquid biopsy. The coverage decision took effect on July 4, 2021.

• The company’s relationship with Quest Diagnostics was expanded to provide patients in the US with access to the Target Selector NGS lung assay. Biocept anticipates that Quest’s oncology specialty sales force will begin shipping this Target Selector panel in Q4 2021.

• CNSide’s customer base expanded to more than 30 of the top US academic institutions, most as repeat customers. CNSide is Biocept’s cerebrospinal fluid assay that offers a timely and accurate method to diagnose patients with lung and breast cancer that has metastasized to the central nervous system, along with the ability to identify actionable biomarkers and assess response from patient to therapy.


• Signed an agreement to make Biocept’s COVID-19 testing available to more than 2.1 million students, as well as California community colleges, teachers and staff. The availability of COVID-19 testing is expected to provide information to help protect the safety of the campus population and reduce the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus as students return to campus.

• Coordinated with CLEARED4 to develop and implement a system to streamline testing protocols and track COVID-19 test results. The system is intended to help Biocept clients, including California community colleges, ease the administrative burden of meeting complex healthcare requirements.

• Received nearly 500,000 samples for COVID-19 RT-PCR testing at Biocept’s high complexity, CAP-accredited, CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified, BSL-2 safety level laboratory since the company began offering this test in June 2020. The lab is using Thermo Fisher Scientific FDA Approved for US Testing TaqPath ™ Molecular Diagnostic Kit and Platform, 500,000 pcr samples at a guide price of $ 100 is already nearly all of its capitalization. Results in Q3 have urpassed the previous ones in profit, thanks to the sale of covid pcr test and medicare.

• the new omnicron variant is complicating everything again, which is equal to more tests.

The shorts will likely have to cover as of course it is shortened. Here you can see the short sale volume percent:

On August 18, they opened 17 million shorts, SYNTHETIC.

r/pennystocks - Biocept [BIOC], Biopharma with good benefits and SS potential

And why SYNTHETIC, because there were only 200k available for shorts. And why the float has 13.6 million shares and they opened an additional 17 million that day.

Recently they opened in 5 minutes, several times 1 million shorts each time to slow down the squeeze.

It seems that the directors are hiding the results of the covid and medicare tests, the shorts do not want them to come to light. In the fourth quarter the benefits should be extraordinary.

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