China – another area of Henan province placed in lockdown today

Central China’s Henan Province is seeing cases of both the Delta and Omicron variants. Henan reported the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases on Tuesday China, 118:

  • 12 from Zhengzhou
  • 65 from Anyang (already under lockdown)
  • 41 from Xuchang

Two case with Omicron variant were discovered in Huaxian county:

  • around 130 kilometers away from Zhengzhou
  • 70 kilometers from Anyang

Huaxian will thus impose lockdown, from today:

  • Residents in Huaxian should stay indoors and work from home

  • Other than those for necessary usage, all vehicles are banned on the roads
  • Businesses, restaurants in the county suspended operations, except stores that provide necessities, pharmacies and medical institutes
  • Public transportation was also suspended.

Huaxian location boxed, some of the other localities of interest with arrows:

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