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On the News alone, we should be buying the stock….. here is an opportunity to Really Kill Two Birds with One Stone….

Quote: Draganfly Receives Order for Critical Lifesaving Drones from Revived Soldiers Ukraine for Immediate Deployment to Ukraine Draganfly, through its channel partner Coldchain Delivery Systems, has received an initial order for its proprietary Medical Response and Search and Rescue Drones for immediate deployment to Ukraine

I watch the Pre-market, during the early morning and also watch the Opening Asian Markets in the evening and when I heard about this – Suddenly It Just made sense, so Unlike my normal post – this post, I am REALLY Encouraging all who read!! – YOU win and They WIN – $DRON – Draganfly will provide an immediate combined total of 10 North American-made Medical Response and Search and Rescue Drones. In addition, Draganfly will be donating three drone systems to RSU. The total initial order size (subject to conditions) is up to 200 units.

Iryna Vashchuk Discipio, President of RSU, was recently awarded the Order of Princess Olga by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The Ukrainian civil decoration is bestowed on women for their achievements in state, production, scientific, educational, cultural, charity, and other social activities. ………Here is what I do KNOW – Draganfly Inc. is a manufacturer, contract engineering and product development company within the unmanned aerial vehicles space, which serves the public safety, agriculture, industrial inspections, and mapping and surveying markets.

It manufactures multi-rotor helicopters, industrial aerial video systems and civilian small unmanned aerial systems or vehicles. The Company’s products include Quadcopters, Draganfly Commander2, Vital Intelligence, Quantix Mapper, Tango2, Payloads and Sensors, Universal Control System and Software.


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