US Stock Futures Rise – Beginning of 2022

US Stock Futures Rise – Beginning of 2022

US stock rose on Tuesday. This suggests that a solid start to the new year will continue ahead of new manufacturing and labor market data. S&P 500 related futures rose 0.2%. After hitting a record high on Monday, the broad market index closed 0.6%. Dow Jones Industrial Average futures rose 0.3%. This indicates a moderate gain in blue-chip stocks after the opening call. Nasdaq-100 futures rose less than 0.1%.

Shares continued to rise in 2022 after the S&P 500 closed 27% last year. Investors are still evaluating the data on the spread of the Omicron variant. According to the latest data, the number of cases in the US has reached a record, with hospitalizations increasing; However, the situation remains below the peak. The body of evidence that Omicron is materially less heavy is growing. The notion that the soft option becomes dominant is a big step towards ending the pandemic.

The benchmark 10-year Treasury bonds yield rose from 1.628% to 1.635% on Monday. Economists expect growth to slow; Additionally, it is suggested that supply chain problems may have limited US factories. Last month’s data showed 3.6 million more vacancies than job seekers. This highlights the tight labor market.

MillerKnoll and Smart Global Holdings should release earnings results after the markets closed on Tuesday. Apple shares have been stable since the company became the first for a short time; Which reached $3 trillion market capitalization on Monday.

Oil prices rose on Tuesday ahead of a scheduled OPEC + meeting. The energy ministers must decide whether to continue the planned increase in production. The Brent global crude oil price reached $79.15 per barrel and increased by 0.2% in total.

US Stock – 2022

Bitcoin stabilized after a two-day decline. Moreover, it increased by 0.8% compared to the initial level. The currency traded at around $46,400 on Monday. This is 32% less than the all-time rate in November. 0.5% added to Stoxx Europe 600. Shares of European airlines have risen. Consolidated International Airlines grew by 9%. Ryanair rose 7.6%. Wizz Air grew by 8%.

The Turkish lira depreciated by 1% against the dollar in the foreign exchange markets. The currency has fluctuated sharply in recent weeks. Investors postponed government allowance aimed at stabilizing the economy. The Japanese yen fell 0.4% against the dollar. In total, it reached a five-year low.

Europe and Omicron

The Wall Street S&P 500 and the Dow closed the all-time high of the night. The Travel and Leisure Index jumped 2.5 percent. They reached a maximum of more than six weeks. The London Ftse 100 rose for the first trading session of the year on Tuesday. Five years after its best annual increase. The Omicron coronavirus variant is unlikely to hamper the rails of global economic recovery.

The Ftse 100 gained 1.1 percent. They reached a new maximum from February 2020. The Internal Focused Average Capital Index rose 1.2 percent. The financial rate has increased. Banking and life insurance shares rose 1.9 percent and 0.9 percent, respectively.

The Ftse 100 gained a total of 14.3 percent in 2021. This is the best annual rate since 2016. Which immensely helped to increase commodity and industrial stocks. British retailers gained 2.4 percent. They tracked the global mood. Amigo Holdings fell 3.1 percent. After the subprime lender said, it ransomed early senior notes worth 18 184.1 million; Which were to be paid in 2024 as part of a new rescue plan outlined last month.

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