Virtual Psychedelic Therapy Company TripSitter.Clinic Is Joined By Reconscious Medical

TripSitter Clinic Ltd. (CSE:KETA) (FSE: UY0) has been joined in medical, clinical and administrative operations by Insight Systems, PBC dba Reconscious Medical. Reconscious Medical’s primary focus and service to date has involved combining psychedelic treatment with psychotherapy in both high and low doses of ketamine.

Four industry professionals from Reconscious Medical will join the TripSitter Clinic team, adding medical, clinical, operational and administrative expertise. Current treatment offerings will be updated beginning April 1, 2022 providing an enhanced experience for all patients. Newly-trained psychedelic treatment “sitters” along with specially-trained psychedelic integration specialists will be added to support patients before and after treatment sessions.

The company’s online platform will be updated by May 1, 2022 to include native mobile smartphone apps on both Android and iOS platforms to improve patient and practitioner experiences and integrate with screening and monitoring procedures for safer and more scalable services. Additional services will be rolled out in summer 2022, including virtual, ketamine-enhanced integration coaching with trained specialists.

“We’re excited by both the prospective benefits for our patients as well as the competitive advantages we’ll gain by bringing Reconscious Medical into our family at TripSitter.Clinic,” said company CEO, Dr. John Huber. “This will enable us to expand TripSitter.Clinic quickly but to grow with the most professional and experienced team possible. This strategic addition will also protect our patients’ safety while facilitating the deepest level of healing possible.”

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Photo: Courtesy of Christina Victoria Craft on Unsplash

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