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Well it finally happened QUAN’s new company merging in That was teased last week has finally been revealed as LootUp a blockchain payment app touted by thier information availible to be a decentralized Venmo.

r/pennystocks - What Even is $QUAN ?

But it appears that over the course of the project they have hit a few delays and are now looking for a refresh

But while the future of LootUp is yet to be seen the real major cayalyst here is the pending Cancellation of half the OS set for the 24th to remove 22 million Shares which from the custodians comments seems confident in his ability to deliver this.

r/pennystocks - What Even is $QUAN ?
r/pennystocks - What Even is $QUAN ?

All In all $QUAN is only about 5M market cap after a stellar week on a market cap that is about be be halved by the removal of half its OS. This is only complimented by the crowning of LootUp that seems hungry to refresh its brand and PR’s pending to explain the vision of the company seems like there is positive mementum and I hope it can continue.

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