ZIM 58c 18th March 2022. : options

Strategy: Using financials, we can clearly see that ZIM is a gold mine, which is what is allowing them to pay such a high dividend per year to holders because of their FCF. (18%)

That said, IPO lockup for shares ends this July I believe, which means that initial investors are up around 550ish% ($11 IPO I think). However, ZIM letter to shareholders (On website https://www.zim.com/ ) says that they want to keep the dividend high. (Obviously you don’t want to give a shit dividend next year if you just gave one that was 18% this year) They also have a really nice service portfolio of where they go.

r/options - Play of the quarter: ZIM 58c 18th March 2022.

I took the calls because I think that ZIM can get back to 61ish (still a nice gain) and this time it will be a third attempt to smash through resistance, doing so I believe we see a move up to 70+ before July, making investors want to hold their shares for longer, especially if ZIM keeps that dividend that high. Considering inflation and shipping services are probably going to be in demand for a while now because of the pandemic, this one seems like a no brainer.

(ZIM has also been a company since 1945 I believe, just recently going public)

r/options - Play of the quarter: ZIM 58c 18th March 2022.

I entered the call on Friday 1/7/2022 in the morning around the $58 mark and plan on exiting if we

1: Cannot break through 61/62ish resistance2: If we break 52-53ish3: Obviously by July (call ends in march)4: With 2-3 weeks left to expire5: Moving my SL up every 10-15% we go up to protect profits, should be smart, might take it off and just watch it though incase we encounter 1-2 days of resistance before we soar past it, not really soaring though, this is a stealthy stock.6: I feel like it. Locking anything in past 100% in this market we are in is supreme.

I plan on adding more calls if we go past 63-64 around that strike.

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